GM Corn & Roundup Evidence of Harm

*The release of this study has caused a storm of controversy around the World. Many of the criticisms are coming from scientists who have conflicts of interests based upon funding issues or who are speaking outside of their area of expertise.

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The Safe Food Foundation partners with The Sustainable Food Trust to help transform our present food system and meet the multiple challenges of climate change, resource depletion, food security and population growth.

Professor Seralini approached The Sustainable Food Trust to help communicate the results of a recent study on a global scale with Dr Michael Antoniou, who is a Member of the CRIIGEN Scientific Council.

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The first animal feeding trial studying the lifetime effects of exposure to Roundup tolerant GM corn, and Roundup, the world’s best-selling weedkiller, shows that levels currently considered safe can cause tumours and multiple organ damage and lead to premature death in laboratory rats, according to research published online today by the scientific journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Researchers found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM corn, or given water containing Roundup at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They suffered mammary tumours and severe liver and kidney damage.

The paper, “Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified corn” reports on a study conducted by a team of scientists led by molecular biologist and endocrinologist Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, co-director of the Risk Quality and Sustainable Environment Unit at the University of Caen, France, who is an authority on studies into the health impact of GMO’s and pesticides. It was supported by independent research organisation, CRIIGEN.

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The official study published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal can be found here or downloaded from the Sustainable Food Trust website or the CRIIGEN website.

Photographs of the results can be found here.