Health risks of GM wheat

The Safe Food Foundation & Institute have commissioned scientific experts Dr Jack Heinemann and Dr Judy Carman to give their expert scientific opinions on CSIRO’s genetically modified wheat. Both Dr Heinemann and Dr Carman have indicated that they believe there are major gaps in CSIRO’s risk assessment testing leading to potential life-threatening consequences.

The Safe Food Foundation & Institute have asked both scientific experts to release their latest research on this GM wheat and brought them into a discussion, calling on CSIRO for an immediate response about the safety testing of their GM wheat.

At The Safe Food Foundation & Institute, we have serious concerns regarding the safety testing of GM wheat and CSIRO’s capacity to thoroughly conduct comprehensive testing of such biotechnology and to assess the possible risks to human health!

We intend to continue pressuring the entities who are testing and promoting GM wheat until they provide satisfactory proof of safety testing and the absence of risks to human health. There is an absolute level of transparency needed so that independent researches can assess potential safety risks!

Dr Jack Heinemann is a molecular biologist from the University of Canterbury. He has over 100 scholarly works published on the topics of molecular biology, genetics, risk assessment and other scientific matters within his expertise. His work has been reviewed by scientific experts in Australia, the UK and Austria.

Dr Judy Carman is biochemist from Flinders University. She is the Director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research Inc. (IHER). Along with a Master of Public Health, Judy has several degrees to support her expert scientific opinion and has conducted twelve years of research studying the safety of GM crops.

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Update on “Evaluation of risks from creation of novel RNA molecules in genetically engineered wheat plants and recommendations for risk assessment”

Professor Jack Heinemann’s Expert Scientific Opinion

Professor Judy Carman Expert’s Scientific Opinion

Professor Michael Antoniou Expert Scientific Appraisal’s of Heinemann and Carman Work

Heinemann Expert Scientific Opinion Appendix 1

Heinemann Expert Scientific Opinion Appendix 2




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