Help this farmer stop Monsanto’s GM canola

 Below is our campaign video:

And a shorter 7 minute version:

Below are video messages of support from allies of Steve Marsh – Chefs, gardeners, TV presenters, businessmen and women:

Vandana Shiva

Alla Wolf-Tasker

Matt Preston

Kylie Kwong

Costa Georgiadis

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Dr. Maarten Stapper

Sam Statham

Carla Oates

Roger Harris

Holly Davis

Brendan Hoare

Antonio Ramos

Anni Brownjohn

Further informative videos from individuals, organisations and news reports:

Rachel Parent – 14 year old girl’s response to Kevin O’Leary (Canadian TV personality) on the issue of genetically modified food

Jim Gerritsen interview re: OSGATA et al VS. Monsanto, June 13, 2013

‘August 2011 Williams GM canola spill’

Following a truck fire and spill on 9 August 2011 of 15 tonnes of GM canola in the middle of a self declared GM-free zone in Williams, Western Australia, the Safe Food Foundation has retained Slater & Gordon lawyers to provide legal advice and support to local GM-free grain growers near the site.

‘GM corn and Roundup – evidence of harm’

The release of this study has caused a storm of controversy around the World. Many of the criticisms are coming from scientists who have conflicts of interests based upon funding issues or who are speaking outside of their area of expertise.

‘Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?’

from Anna Lappe and the Food mythbusters – “How can we feed the world—today and tomorrow?
The biggest players in the food industry—from pesticide pushers to fertilizer makers to food processors and manufacturers—spend billions of dollars every year not selling food, but selling the idea that we need their products to feed the world. But, do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? Can sustainably grown food deliver the quantity and quality we need—today and in the future? Our first Food MythBusters film takes on these questions in under seven minutes. So next time you hear them, you can too.”

‘Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) – Myths and Truths’

A short and informative clip based on the information presented in Earth Open Source’s report “GMO Myths and Truths.” American-oriented but valid everywhere GM crops and foods are cultivated and sold.

‘Genetic Roulette’

Trailer for the film ‘Genetic Roulette,’ a work by Jeffrey Smith and produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology. You can visit their website for more info on their work and to donate.

‘Australia’s First GE Canola Harvest’

Greenpeace’s short clip on the contamination by GM canola. This video shows the short term effects of lifting the moratorium on GM canola and how immediate results occur.

‘Australia’s Wheat Scandal’

Very informative Greenpeace video on the pressing issue of GM wheat and Australia’s path to become the first country to grow it commercially.

‘The GMO Threat’

Interview with Jeffrey Smith explaining the threat presented by GMOs. Smith discusses the connection between the consumption of GM foods and health problems.

‘Seeds of Freedom’

A beautiful documentary on the story of seed and how it has been turned into a commodity used to control the food system around the World.

‘Food Sovereignty Now!’

20 minute inspiring film by Via Campesina on the global movement for food sovereignty.

‘GM Crops Farmer to Farmer’

Short documentary investigating the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA ten years after their introduction. Showing interviews with farmers and other specialists across the United States about their experiences of growing GM.

Hussy Hicks ‘Round em Up’

Music video by Hussy Hicks on the first GM battle in Australia (Steve Marsh’s legal fight after contamination). Beautiful music and very informative video.

‘GM food debate to ignite again’

ABC news report on a corn product containing unprecedented amounts of genetically modified traits.

‘GM Test Case’

ABC news report on the GM contamination of a Victorian farmer.

‘Breaking Monsanto’

A clipm about how Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers explaining Monsanto’s Technology Stewardship Agreement.

Interview with Steve Marsh

Interview with Steve Marsh and tour of Steve’s farm after GM contamination by NASAA.

‘Genetic Modification’

Greenpeace video on Genetic Modification and how it is a threat to food security. Explaining how the introduction of GMOs grossly undermines sustainable agriculture and  severely limits the choice of foods we can eat.

The Safe Food Foundation YouTube Channel

The official Youtube channel of the Safe Food Foundation.

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  • John Monsant February 10, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Please, present the DVD “Genetic Roulette” by Jeffrey M. Smith to the High Court as exhibit A.
    Also I’m on Facebook.
    I can see the day when it will be Monsant VS Monsanto.
    They are no better than the Mafia.
    They are contaminating our healthy food supplies for the almighty dollar.
    They are absolute bastards.
    Lets take this issue of psuedo science that Monsanto practices to the United Nations.
    Best wishes,
    John Monsant


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