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In a world first legal case, organic farmer Steve Marsh from WA is taking his Genetically Modified (GM) canola neighbour to court. Steve lost his organic certification when GM canola blew onto his farm. This has meant a huge loss of income but more importantly the loss of his right to produce GM-free foods. His loss of rights as a farmer mean we as consumers lose our right to buy GM-free foods.

Steve Marsh cannot afford to run this legal case on his own. Because this case is ground breaking and tests farmers rights to farm, we have managed to negotiate a huge commitment from Slater & Gordon lawyers under their public interest policy. Our role at The Safe Food Foundation is to raise the cost of the disbursements. Estimated at half a million dollars, these will cover barristers, court costs and the costs of expert witnesses from around the world. The case is expected to go to trial early next year.

It is up to YOU to help fight the spread of GM in Australia! While consumer choice is a powerful tool to use, if contamination is NOT stopped there will no longer be a choice! Support Steve in his struggle to protect our food! 

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If you support the right of Australian farmers to produce organic, GM-free food – which ultimately equals your right to choose organic food – then please make a DONATION.

Messages of Support for Steve Marsh

“He’s like our Percy Schmeiser in Canada, a true hero! Hats off to you Steve, go get ‘em!” -GMO Free Canada

“Thank you for taking the fight up to the multinational giant on the question of GM contamination of the farm you’ve obviously worked so hard to have recognised as organic” -Anne

“Hang in there Steve, millions are behind you and honor you for standing tall” -Bill

“Steve, good on you for fighting on behalf of ALL Australians. Your courageous stance will impact the quality of life of our children and grandchildren, not just WA farmers. You have my full support. I hope you win this case and that, eventually, politicians will outlaw all GM experiments in Australia before it’s too late” -Marlyse

“Thank you Steve Marsh and all those supporting him for trying to protect my right to eat genetically modified-free food. This is a fight for the integrity of Australian food and the farming industry, and is vital to our economy. I wish you well and hope for a successful outcome to your action” -Jess

Support Steve by making a donation.

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  • Kerstin Nordin November 16, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Monsanto is one of the worlds most unethical companies, the archetype of greed and disrespect of the planet, the humans and the wildlife.
    I do wish Steve Marsh the best of luck – for his sake and for all of us!

    Kerstin Nordin. lawyer, Sweden


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