What is the Truefood Network?

The TFN is a community of everyday Australians, chefs and food experts uniting to protect our food from GE. It aims to stop the deliberate release of genetically modified (GM) organisms into the environment and prevent them entering the food chain. It advocates biosafety and food safety legislation and calls for immediate interim measures such as labelling of GE ingredients, and the segregation of GE crops and seeds from conventional ones. It also opposes all patents on plants, animals and other living organisms. The TFN does not campaign against contained use of GE organisms for medical purposes.

The TFN also promotes ecological farming best defined by the biodynamic and organic farming systems in use around the world today.  Ecological farming both relies on and protects nature by taking advantage of nature’s goods and services, such as biodiversity, nutrient cycling, soil regeneration and natural enemies of pests, and integrating these natural goods into agro-ecological systems that ensure food for today and tomorrow.

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