Bob Mackley

14 March 2011

Bob Mackley, grain farmer from Duchembegarra, Western Victoria,  has confirmed GM canola contamination on his GM-free farm.

He found that floods from heavy rainfall had washed GM canola from his neighbour’s paddocks onto his property.

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And a more recent article re: contamination in Wimmera.

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  • Gypsy Jack December 3, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    G’day Bob, can you please contact me. I’m just up in Horsham and like you are not hot about GMO or the latest abomination the Trans Pacific partnership which may as I put it “sell our children into slavery unto the 100 the generation”.
    I wrote to Horsham council requesting they make Horsham a TPP free area. So far it has been lime writing to a mother in law about a spouse about to become an ex!
    The local paper of course make every excuse to ignore me.
    Just signed your petition an am sharing it on Facebook.


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