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We are a not for profit, campaigning and advocacy organization that works to promote awareness surrounding our food production and consumption. Through campaigning activities, including various projects with partnering not-for-profit organisations such as Friends of the Earth Australia and Gene Ethics, the Safe Food Foundation aims to encourage food production that enhances our health, is sustainable for the environment and beneficial to our social systems.

Where necessary, The Safe Food Foundation works to put pressure on relevant food regulators to rigorously and transparently assess and manage the risks stemming from the use of agricultural technologies such as GM, chemicals, nanotechnology and irradiation, while educating consumers so that they know precisely what they are eating and how that food has been produced.

A key project is assisting Steve Marsh, a farmer from Kojonup, Western Australia, whose organic farm was contaminated in late 2010, allegedly by a neighbouring farmer’s GM canola. As a result of this contamination he has lost his organic certification.

Steve has recently announced his intention to issue proceedings in the WA Supreme Court through Slater & Gordon Lawyers, seeking compensation for loss and damage from his GM neighbour. The Safe Food Foundation is coordinating fundraising to support Steve’s potentially landmark case through Friends of the Earth Australia.

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Safe Food Founders

Two key directors of The Safe Food Foundation are co-founders Scott Kinnear and Clive Blazey, both of whom are passionate about making food safe and protecting the rights of farmers and consumers to choose what they grow and eat.


The Safe Food Foundation’s Director, Scott Kinnear, originally studied Agricultural Science and has been a pivotal figure in the organic food industry for the last 20 years. The founder and owner of Organic Wholefoods, a veritable Melbourne organic institution with two stores in the city, Scott is the former and founding Chair of the Organic Federation of Australia, former director of Biological Farmers of Australia and former Chair of the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES). Scott is the former Director of Hepburn Wind from start until November 2011 and the current Director of  the Safe Food Institute and Foundation.


Clive Blazey is the Executive Chairman and founder of The Digger’s Club, Australia’s largest garden club, and the author of no less than five books. Founded in 1978, The Digger’s Club is ‘anti-G.M., anti-industrial agriculture and pro-organic, campaigning to increase the growing of food in our backyards.’ Also laying claim to the most abundant range of heirloom vegetables, fruit plants and cottage flowers in Australia, The Digger’s Club teaches gardening, runs workshops, publishes books and  boasts two historic gardens including ‘Heronswood’ which ‘has two buildings listed on the Register of National Estate.’


  • Nikolas November 26, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    If we are to really get serious about our food we should be very vocal about the use of fluoride in our water as its use negates any claim that food produced with it is not organic.
    Also i note you are encouraging people to send emails to our politicians objecting to GM foods well this demonstrates just how little knowledge you all have on the power of our Constitution in protecting us if we use it correctly and A politician actually produced a book called Your Will be done. His name was Arthur Cresby and he understood how we had to inform our politicians of our will by sending them a letter outlining to them our will that we wanted to be done and under their oath of office they have to respond. If you wish i can teach you all about the correct way of informing your will to your member of parliament.
    Hoping to hear from you in a positive manner.

    Regards Nikolas
    A sovereign being.


  • Nikolas November 26, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    oops meant to say using fluoride in water to produce organic food negates any claim that it is organic. I also believe the word should be GM/chemical free as every living thing is organic.


    • SFF November 27, 2013 at 10:51 am

      Hi Nikolas,
      You make an excellent comment. We have not yet included fluoride and yes it is of concern to us. We have simply been focussed on other issues to date, such as Steve Marsh’s case. Rest assured we will address this issue on our website next year.


  • ken grundy January 14, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Please send me your postal address so I can forward a cheque in support of the GM case.


  • Liz January 15, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Hi Scott it is aeons ago(1999) that we met, as I organized a GM free dinner at Box Hill Institute, to bring about awareness of the issues with GM technology and potential threats.

    As President of CCS I have just added a link to the safe food foundation. It can be found under Living Healthy, Eating Healthy. Good to see wider education of this topic, but feeling very angry that Scott has been an “accidental victim” of GM and is now “back against the wal”l fighting to protect his livelihood.


  • Julie Forsyth March 8, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Desr Sctt invreading the Denmark Bulletin I wsnted to strongly assist Steve Marsh in this pivotal legal battle.I ask Foodinc 1000 000 strong for help. They are the Sum of Us constantly petitionong Monsanto. Arnold S wahas committed to help. He asked me to set up a liink with Steves site but I believe this is your call and I am not a websit owner.I have a Domain name though. Numbers and $$$ s count so much. GOOD LUCK.Ms J ulie F


  • Jenny Davis May 22, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I subscribe (free) to several overseas (USA) newsletters which advise of current health issues e.g. GMOs, glyphosate, medication interactions, environmental toxins, food contamination, radiation, water quality – apart from you, what other organisations in Australia are dealing with these issues? I want to become more involved in issues in Australia.


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