Sam Statham

Sam grew up on the farm at Barraba where he developed an interest in natural farming and ecology. Graduating with a Bacehlors in Geography in France, he joined the family business Rosnay Organic. He enrolled in a diploma of horticultural management at Sydney University and completed a TAFE certificate in Organic Farming, later working part time as an organic farm auditor for an organic certification company. Sam was chairman of the Vignerons Committee of the Biological Farmers of Australia, and a founder and committee member of the Australia-New Zealand Organic Wine Show.

Hear Sam’s support for Steve Marsh:

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  • Jude Radin November 30, 2013 at 7:38 am

    Hi Sam,
    Good on you for supporting Steve & speaking out against GM pollution. As someone affected by multiple food intolerances – which have mysteriously developed in the past few years – I believe there is much to be feared from the proliferation of GM crops and genetic control within Australia and across the world. Steve’s case is important to everyone who eats!


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