Carla Oates

Carla is also known as The Beauty Chef. She is a naturalist and is passionate about nature and the profound synergy we share with it. Carla has been researching and writing about natural beauty and health for the last ten years and is a great advocate for the organic industry, believing that organic skincare and food are the most sustainable choices for the health of both the individual and the environment. She is an avid beauty chef and formulator and has been creating beauty products from foods in her kitchen and herbs from her garden for the last ten years. Carla is the author of the best selling book Feeding Your Skin, published by Lantern, Penguin; the editor of Wellbeing Beauty Book and is the natural beauty columnist for both Wellbeing Magazine and G Magazine. She runs regular Beauty Chef workshops in Sydney.

Hear what Carla has to say about organics:

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