That a former Monsanto scientist should find himself in charge of a specially-created post at the very journal that published two landmark studies questioning the safety of that company’s products should surprise no one who is aware of the Monsanto revolving door. This door is responsible for literally dozens of Monsanto officials, lobbyists and consultants finding themselves in positions of authority in the government bodies that are supposedly there to regulate the company and its actions.

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Find out more about Monsanto’s ability to suppress scientific dissent in the BoilingFrogsPost.com Eyeopener report.




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  • nola smith February 7, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    at the very heart of this travesty is money and greed at the very highest level ,government of countries have generous financial assistance from companies that have a vested interested to promote and grow gm food ,therefore how will this stop and how will we be safe when at this level the safety of our food producing people and the freedom to have a choice is being controlled by a minority for greed in the short term,the long term means corporate ownership of our food ,we are what we eat ,Im 52 years old I am a grandchild ,child of an Australian farming enterprise since 1920 am currently fulltime involved in the production of grass seed and cattle .we always grow varieties that are not modified and do not have breeders rights attached ,we believe our global survival depends completely on food of all types remaining free of ownership and contamination. we have so many ,too numerous to put a figure on , examples of natures response when people interrupt or seek to control the life cycle of natural occurring life permanently damaging our biodiversity and creating damage to be “”managed”” indefinitely i.e so called pests and over population of species .


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